QuaffleStorm 46

after three days i finally get to log in to Pottermore (there is no way this site is ready to go live if it can’t even handle beta traffic) and make some hello’s in the common room.  i announce my intention to brew a potion FTW etc., etc., click on potions and *POOF* 

site down.


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"I don’t want to be in Slytherin! I’m not a spineless, bitchy twat."



And PS-


i’m not entirely altruistic..

but i really WOULD like to get into Pottermore ASAP, we’ve got a ton of new folks, obviously, and they could really use our potions spam!  

le sigh.

When you get a notification off Pottermore saying your comment has been approved and you realise you’ve made a spelling mistake.
i think the Pottermore beta was a ruse

so that they could get the rabid potterheads into a site for general and casual fans without having the casual fans crushed in the stampede. like JKR just wanted to release a nice little thing with some extras and have a happy time, but she knew the rabid fanbase would ruin it by obsessing over every little thing (hello, potion brewing schedules for your house wut?) so they devised this early release during the debugging just to draw the rabid people in early so that they could get it out of their system over the course of a few weeks.

the word-of-mouth advertising isn’t going to hurt any, and when the rest of the world is allowed to enter the site it will be quieter, in the post-coital cigarette stage.

things i say too often in the common room

I’ve said all of these so frequently that the stupid auto-fill has saved them. So now I just go ahead and type “potions” and see which one I feel like spamming.  I disgust me.  But I do like helping the First Years!  {First Years in my mind = First Day people, all new and happeh}

  1. Newbie tip: Comments are heavily moderated, few non-dictionary words get through, no numbers and a few smiley symbols. Edit and try again.
  2. If you google Unofficial Slytherin Common Room on i n v i s i o n you’ll find potion tips and chat.
  3. Potions tip: you can close your browser, log out, and come back after a successful potion part I. Just don’t use back or it resets.
  4. Potions tip: after part one of a potion use the common room coin or another tab rather than “come back later”, it frequently glitches.
  5. Potions tip: after a successful first part Do Not use your browser back button from that page or it will reset your potion!
  6. Potions tip: if you make a mistake when brewing, click back or r e l o a d the page to start again.
  7. Potions tip: you don’t have to stir precisely, you can click on the spoon handle and draw big circles around the cauldron.
  8. Potions tip: to crush ingredients click on the mortar bowl and not the pestle, it’s more reliable and doesn’t jump around.
  9. Potions tip: liquids and goo bottles you should click near the top and tip by rocking over the edge of the cauldron. Watch the counter.
  10. Everyone brew what you are comfortable with, few points is better than no points at all.
  11. Google Silver Heart X C I on tumblr for a fantastic breakdown of potion costs , times, and points. Even points per galleon spent
  12. Free ingredients: Bat Spleens, Bezoar, Dried Billywig Stings, Dried Nettles, Eels Eyes, Horned Slugs, Infusion of Wormwood.. and more
  13. Remember to look for the free ingredients, ask and we can point you to them.
  14. There are a lot of free ingredients that respawn only when you have zero in stock.
  15. We’re not evil, we’re ambitious and that whole dark wizard thing was probably accidental.
  16. The Bezoar will only appear if you don’t have one, so we can’t stock up but we can get one to brew with.


Slytherin Mottos

Reblog if you’re a Slytherin!


Reblog if you’re a Slytherin!